Rothesay Debuts Vibrant International Culture Fest, Celebrating Unity in Diversity


A kaleidoscope of diverse cultures unfolded at Rothesay, New Brunswick on a warm Sunday, as the town played host to its premiere International Culture Fest in the Valley. A multitude of nations, stretching from Cameroon to Indonesia, was artistically portrayed across various stalls in the picturesque Rothesay Commons Park.

“The event serves as a vibrant mosaic of the region, reflecting the cultural diversity, not only within our town but throughout the entirety of New Brunswick, and extending to Saint John,” articulated the festival organizer, Lorne Daltrop.

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Daltrop’s organizing venture was catalyzed by the inclusive vision of the mayors of Rothesay and Quispamsis who recognized the richness of multiple cultures coexisting harmoniously in the serene Kennebecasis Valley. “This festival serves as a mirror of our multicultural society, reflecting not just those who reside in New Brunswick, but also in Southern New Brunswick and Saint John,” Daltrop reiterated.

As the day unfolded, the festival unfurled its charm with hundreds of locals sauntering through, delighting in the varied international culinary delights and exquisite handicrafts. The air was imbued with rhythm and movement, courtesy of the traditional dance and music shows punctuating the festivities.

“The vendors and performers are absolutely thrilled”, revealed Daltrop. “Their curiosity piqued, they are not only here to exhibit their cultures but also to relish and learn from the myriad cultures dwelled in today.”

The festival also prided in its cultural village, an assembly of diverse countries presenting a snapshot of their native land, its traditions, and the essence they wished to relay to the people of Kennebecasis.

Buoyed by the success of this maiden endeavour, Daltrop aspires to establish the International Culture Fest in the Valley as an annual communal celebration of unity in diversity.