Room Massage at Wynn Resort at Las Vegas Lead to Sexual Assault


A 59-year-old man has been arrested by police this week for allegedly assaulting a woman while offering a $200 in-room massage at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

Jorge Eduardo Moyana was arrested on Monday and is currently held at Clark County Detention Center. Moyano is set to appear in court on 24th August and faces felony counts of sexual assault and two misconduct counts of gross lewdness.

The victim allegedly ordered massage services in her room at Wynn Resort on the east side of Las Vegas. Mayano arrived at about 10 pm on Sunday according to a new report. While in her room, Moyano sexually assaulted her. The woman told the police that she froze as she did not know what to do.

While Mayano was putting on his massage table, the woman went and spoke with friends in the next room, who notified security officers. Mayano was held in custody until the Las Vegas Metropolitan police arrived.

In another incident, a 25 year California man threatened to choke undercover police on the Strip to assert dominance over her. It is alleged that the man wanted her to work as a prostitute for him. However, after being apprehended, he denied being a pimp and alleged he just wanted to dominate females.


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