Ron’s Real Estate Report – Wine Cellars


In recent years, Quebecers have become great wine aficionados. By refining their knowledge of wine, they have also developed their taste buds and become more demanding of the quality of the wine they drink. For these wine connoisseurs, owning their own wine cellar where they can leave a great bottle age in optimal conditions is pinnacle of wine appreciation.

The spacious, dark, cool and sometimes humid basement is often the ideal location to build a wine cellar. Choosing materials for the cellar should be done with great care: in addition to providing a certain “cachet”, they also need to be humidity-resistant, protecting your property from mould problems due to moisture leaks in air ducks and walls.

A wine cellar can increase your property’s resale value as long as long as the installation is well done and, as is the case with many other special features, as long as the buyer shares your passion for wine.

Why not say farewell to the last days of winter with a nice glass of wine in front of a cozy fireplace. CHEERS !


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