Romanian Court Refuses to Return Influencer’s Seized Assets Amid Serious Charges


In the heart of Romania’s capital, a Bucharest courtroom rendered a controversial verdict on a Friday that sent ripples through the social media landscape. Online influencer Andrew Tate, no stranger to legal entanglements, witnessed an application to retrieve his assets denied. The assets, confiscated amid an investigation into serious charges including human trafficking, rape, and the orchestration of a criminal organization intending to exploit women, will not be returned according to the decision passed down by the Bucharest Tribunal.

The anti-organized crime agency of Romania, DIICOT, will continue keeping these possessions, confirmed Tate’s spokesperson who also pledged to appeal against the ruling. This incident is a rerun of a January case when Tate, the influencer heavyweight aged 37, emerged victorious in getting a similar asset seizure overturned.

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This saga commenced most potently in December 2022, when the former professional kickboxer was taken into custody in close proximity to Bucharest, an arrest that also included his brother, Tristan Tate, and a pair of Romanian women. All four received a formal indictment last year in June. Publicly and emphatically, they have denied every allegation thrown their way.

Romania’s authorities sprang into action post the arrest, commandeering 15 luxury vehicles, 14 coveted designer timepieces, and a diverse cache of cash. The impressive motorcade featured opulent names such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz. The authority’s estimation placed the sum total of these confiscated goods at a dizzying 3.6 million euros ($3.9 million).

DIICOT further disclosed they had identified over 10 land plots and properties owned by companies registered under the Tate siblings. They propose these assets could finance ongoing investigations and provide monetary compensation to victims, providing they can corroborate that these fortunes came into fruition through unlawful pursuits.

Andrew Tate, flaunting a formidable fanbase of 9 million followers on the social media giant ‘X’, has consistently dismissed the allegations. He asserts a lack of concrete evidence against him, accusing unseen political entities of orchestrating a campaign to stifle his voice. His controversial standpoints including misogynistic remarks and hate speech have previously seen him barred from multiple celebrated social media platforms.

This recent court ruling arrives after a string of legal battles for the Tate brothers. The Bucharest Court of Appeal witnessed their presence just a week before, pertaining to a different case altogether. British law enforcement had issued arrest warrants against them, citing allegations of sexual aggression in a case in the UK, dating back to 2012-2015, according to their spokesperson.

Subsequent to the conclusion of the Romanian legal proceedings against them, the court conceded to the British authority’s request for extradition of the Tates. Their home soil judgement still awaits, their case simmering in the preliminary chamber stages, where they challenge the prosecutor’s evidence against them. As of now, a trial date remains elusive.

Recently, Bucharest Tribunal decreed further geographic limitations on the brothers for 60 days, asserting they cannot depart from Romania. A potent reminder that for the moment, their world is locked within the boundaries of this Eastern European nation.