Rockies Coach Hensley Meulens in Turbulence Over Unauthorized Cockpit Visit


In a bizarre event set against the deep azure of the sky, a coach from the Colorado Rockies was caught flaunting federal regulations by making an unauthorized visit into the cockpit area during a United Airlines charter flight last week. Surfacing this week, a perplexing video reveals the Rockies’ hitting coach, Hensley Meulens, audaciously occupying a pilot’s seat as the plane sailed smoothly at cruising altitude from Denver to Toronto.

It’s worth noting that federal blanket rules strictly forbid unauthorized individuals from entering the intimate confines of the flight deck. The video, however, brazenly captures Meulens snubbing this rule. Evident within the recording, he jovially interacts with a handful of people in the cockpit, one of whom is fashionably dressed in a pilot’s uniform while another certainly does not hold the placidity of an airline employee.

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The charming Rockies’ coach casually states that their airborne fortress dawdles at an imposing height of 35,000 feet. In his elucidation, coated with a sheath of amusement Meulens jests, “Flying the plane, here to Toronto,” as he points out his co-conspirator in the uniform. The jests thicken as he asserts, “I’m going to land the plane tonight. So relax,” and proceeds to make a pantomime of taking hold of the flight controls, adding, “I just press this button … and it goes down.”

In a tragic comedy of errors, Meulens hastily removed this audacious display from his social media account, but the digital mongoose was already out of the bag, gaining viral status and widely reposted.

With the Rockies’ clubhouse veiled in silence amid this storm, Manager Bud Black broke the ice, painting a remorseful picture of Meulens. In Black’s own words, “Bam-Bam, he apologized,” further confirming that the hitting coach had issued apologies to the Rockies and United, saving the security of his position within the team.

United Airlines has endured a tumultuous period, haunted by a series of unfortunate events ranging from falling aluminum skin from an aircraft to a tire unceremoniously dropping off another during takeoff and even an engine spontaneously combusting. In light of these issues, the beleaguered carrier has found itself under the hawk-eyed vigilance of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Paralleling the federal investigation, Russell Carlton, a spokesperson for United, made known the airline’s intentions to conduct a probe of their own into the ill-fated April 10 flight. Affirming public safety, Carlton condemned the incident, calling the unauthorized visit to the cockpit “a clear violation of our safety and operational policies.”

Furthermore, United’s team of expert pilots connected to the flight have been grounded as the investigation takes flight. Speaking for the Federal Aviation Administration, Chris Mullooly confirms that an investigation is underway but remains tight-lipped about any further developments.

As the investigation unfurls, Major League Baseball emerges as a watchful bystander, confirming their awareness of the FAA probe, keeping the incident on their radar.