Rob Flack Takes Key Role in Ontario’s Cabinet Reshuffle Aimed at Housing Crisis Resolution


In a significant cabinet reshuffle, Rob Flack, the MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London, is slated for a key transition with a focus on addressing viable housing solutions. Premier Doug Ford introduced measures to his cabinet on Monday, articulating his commitment to ‘reconstruct Ontario’ and address the pervasive housing crisis that plagues the province.

“As our province’s population and economy continue to burgeon, the necessity to ‘build Ontario’ becomes increasingly pressing,” Ford stated. “With our continuous drive to attract billions in new investments that generate superior jobs and enhanced paychecks, we are confident of our team’s ability to make a difference. Our tireless efforts to construct homes, highways, and public transit that our expanding community require, will never cease.”

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In the reshuffle, Flack has been appointed the Associate Minister of Housing with a particular emphasis on affordable housing and modular homes, reporting directly to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. This key rearrangement coincides with the resignation of Steve Clark, the outgoing Minister of Housing. Clark acknowledged via a letter on social media that the housing crisis needs undistracted attention from an equally dedicated individual to handle the vital work that needs to be undertaken.

The modified structure of the Executive Council introduced by Ford includes:

  • Paul Calandra taking on the role of Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing,
  • Prabmeet Sarkaria stepping in as Minister of Transportation,
  • Caroline Mulroney appointed as President of the Treasury Board,
  • Stan Cho titled as Minister of Long-Term Care,
  • Rob Flack holding the post of Associate Minister of Housing, specifically addressing affordable housing and modular homes,
  • Todd McCarthy designated as Associate Minister of Transportation,
  • Nina Tangri tasked with the role of Associate Minister of Small Business, all reporting to their respective ministers.

In this reshuffle, Andrea Khanjin will extend her role and responsibilities, taking on the mantle as Deputy Government House Leader, reporting to Paul Calandra, the enduring Government House Leader. Alongside her new duties, Caroline Mulroney will continue her role as the Minister of Francophone Affairs.

As this comprehensive reshuffle takes its shape, all other ministers will preserve their current portfolios. Premier Ford is scheduled to hold a media conference at Queens Park on Tuesday at 10 a.m.