Roaring Kitty Ignites Memecoin Frenzy with Triumphant Return


In a surprising turn of events that left the crypto market both shocked and thrilled, Keith Gill, the man popularly known as the “Roaring Kitty”, made a comeback to social media this Monday after a hiatus of three years. Commonly known for his famous “leaning forward in the chair” meme, Gill is a prominent name in the internet and trading circles, and his return was welcomed with a series of mystifying videos, ringing in an array of cryptic teasers that left viewers intrigued.

In the 24 hours following his sudden reappearance, he created a ripple effect in the memecoin market, sparking a resurgence of interest in the cat-themed memecoins, pushing their prices skyward.

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Gill’s reappearance heralded a potent rise in GameStop’s meme stock (GME), whose price shot up by 201% in just 24 hours. The soaring numbers matched the frenzy of 2021, when Gill was a significant player in the meme stock saga.

The impact of his comeback rippled out to other big players in the sector, like Pepe (PEPE), and several top market cap dog-themed memecoins, which also saw a substantial increase in their numbers.

Making waves in the memecoin market, Gill set off a chain reaction that saw the largest frog-themed memecoin outpacing Solana (SOL) in daily trading volume with a surge of 238%. Astute traders who had bought large token amounts prior to this upswing profited from the surge.

Inexplicably, Gill’s return didn’t just affect the typical dog-themed memecoins. His return post contained certain cat references, which seemed to instigate a 16% spike in the value of cat-themed memecoins. Tokens like cat in dog word (MEW) and Popcat (POPCAT) have been swelling in the populace this cycle. Gill even incorporated a snippet from Florence + The Machine’s song “Dog Days Are Over” in his videos, subtly inferring that cat-themed memecoins might be leading the next rally.

Alongside his influential online persona, his namesake coin Roaring Kitty (KITTY) also saw an impressive escalation of 13,000%. Several other cat-themed tokens such as POPCAT, MichiCoin (MICHI), and Roaring Kitty (ROAR) observed a noticeable spike as well.

The trader’s influence also extended to tokens inspired by him, with the Ethereum-based SOAR escalating over 1162% in a few hours. According to Lookonchain, the surge resulted in a daily trading volume increase of 826%.

In the wake of such an extraordinary momentum, it was anticipated that the whales of the crypto world would seize the opportunity to amass these tokens. True enough, while some whales withdrew SOL from Binance, others and bought huge chunks of POPCAT and MICHI tokens.

At the close of these extraordinary events, POPCAT emerged trading at $0.53 in the weekly chart, marking the end of what can only be described as an unprecedented week in the crypto world. As the market continues to ride the waves of Roaring Kitty’s return, the future trends for memecoins remain unpredictable, yet fascinating.