Road Rage Dispute Turns to Shooting Near Calgary Airport, Suspect Arrested


On Wednesday, the Calgary police apprehended an individual following a shooting that occurred in the vicinity of the Calgary International Airport. Responding to reports of gunshots after noon, police officials arrived on Airport Road N.E., where the incident transpired.

The Calgary Airport communicated through a social medium, once known as Twitter, that the event occurred near the cellphone parking lot, a complimentary holding area for motorists anticipating the arrival of friends or family by air.

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Upon their arrival, police officers managed to arrest a suspect, while two individuals were rushed to the hospital to be treated for injuries sustained during the incident. The law enforcement officials have labeled the event as a “targeted” incident, citing that it originated from a road rage dispute near the airport, which culminated near the cellphone parking area.

The dramatic incident was captured on video by a cab driver who observed it unfold. The footage revealed one man lying face-down on the pavement while another man held him down. It further captured a third man, yelling at the subdued individual, questioning him about his reasons for brandishing a firearm. A fourth man can be seen in the video, striding around the scene with a gun in his right hand.

Investigators later confirmed that the firearm captured in said video was authentic. As a result of the investigation, various lanes in the vicinity were cordoned off, leading to traffic congestion and considerable delays. At present, the police have not announced whether any charges will be drawn up in connection to the incident.

The law enforcement officials have extended a call to the public, urging those with information about the event to get in touch with the police. Confidential tips can also be sent anonymously via Crime Stoppers.