RKS Farms Donates Half-Ton of Potatoes to Manitoba’s Ukrainian Community


RKS Farms, nestled in the charming outskirts of Medika, Manitoba, has generously donated a half-ton of surplus potatoes to Manitoba’s chapter of the Canadian Ukrainian Congress – a tangible gesture of community spirit.

The bounty of spuds was the result of a banner harvest year, according to farm employee David Turchyn. A surplus of potatoes filled the farm after the fruitful season, inspiring Turchyn to propose a benevolent solution to his employers.

In speaking to his daughter about the lush harvest, she suggested finding a good cause within the Ukrainian community in Winnipeg to share the excess. Heeding her suggestion, Turchyn approached his superiors to request the potatoes be donated. A proposal warmly received with open arms, reflecting the philanthropic ethos of the farm owners.

Consequently, Turchyn drove his half-ton pickup truck teeming with potatoes into the heart of Winnipeg on a vibrant Sunday afternoon. The good will trip was significantly symbolic, a poignant personal connection prompting the gesture. Touched by the historical narrative of the first wave of Ukrainian settlers in Manitoba, who had to clear the land before gaining title with no external support, Turchyn felt compelled to offer this donation.

The potatoes, over 500 lbs of them, were methodically unloaded by a troop of volunteers. Soon to be sorted into sacks, they will find their way into the kitchens of the Ukrainian community dispersed across Manitoba.

This act of generosity was the second from the farm. The initial load donated was a modest yet equally meaningful yield of around 800 potatoes. This evolving narrative of giving is a reflection of the deep roots of community spirit entrenched in the heart of Manitoban agriculture.


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