Rising Bullying Allegations Rock Nine’s Home Renovation Show: The Block


The prevailing undercurrents of animosity and aggression on the 23rd season of Nine’s eminent home renovation show, The Block, have been called to question. Disturbed by allegations of contestant bullying, viewers have lodged 28 complaints to the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA).

The voice of the public suggests a rising trend of negative behaviour among contestants. “We have observed a proliferation of complaints regarding instances of harassment, promotion of antisocial behaviour, and alleged bullying within the participant pool,” said a representative from ACMA.

Some of this strife is centred around the dynamic between contestants Kristy Beams and Leah Milton. A palpable disappointment has been evidenced on social media platforms over their contentious appearances. Several fans hold the opinion that potential airtime is being squandered on unreflective bickering and ongoing skirmishes.

One disgruntled viewer highlighted the issue, arguing for “more renovation, less drama.” There were also specific criticisms levelled against Leah Milton, with some fans arguing that these interactions revealed a less flattering side to her personality.

Others raised concerns about the show’s quality, lamenting that they are hitched to the unfolding drama of these two contestants rather than actual renovation work.

The broadcasting company has been given two months to address these complaints under the broadcasting co-regulatory scheme. The ACMA representative explained the mechanism. “A complaint is initially directed to the broadcaster. If a complaint goes unaddressed or the complainant is unsatisfied with the response, the complaint can then be referred to ACMA.”

Despite these unwanted incidents, viewership remained commendable, with The Block securing second place in the September 19 ratings. However, they marked a 20% decrease from the figures last year, possibly suggesting the abrasive dynamics affected the show’s popularity.

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