Rising Aussie Golf Star, Harrison Crowe, Launches Professional Career


As he maneuvered the tricky terrain of Augusta National in April, rising golf sensation Harrison Crowe of Australia felt an increasing sureness of his readiness to embark on the ultimate journey of his career.

Hailing from Sydney, the 22-year-old had captivated the world when a video emerged of him executing a shot from beyond a pub at St Andrews, skillfully landing it on the 18th green at one of the globe’s most renowned courses. The young golfer now proudly announces his official transition to professional play.

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The move, initially postponed due to his crowning accomplishment in the amateur arena – winning the 2022 Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship which came with an opportunity to play at the US Masters and the British Open – has now been precipitated by his participation, and results, in both these esteemed tournaments in 2023.

Having proved his mettle and observed the level of competition at both these events, Crowe felts his decision to turn pro is well-timed. “The Masters and the Open were a big eye-opener for me,” Crowe shared. The young golfer admitted that while his play wasn’t the best (he missed the cut at both), he nevertheless felt at ease on such grand stages and basked in the belief that he belonged there, all of which were significant milestones for him.

Crowe also acknowledged his interactions with fellow Australian players and others, which endowed him with valuable insights and catalyzed his confidence. The golf prodigy illustrated his determination to continually learn and improve, and without a shadow of doubt, firmly announced: “Now is the time and I’m ready to rip in.”

In 2023, Crowe played alongside some of Australia’s brightest golfing stars, including Cam Smith and Adam Scott at Augusta. Every conversation and every shot was a learning opportunity that he believes will contribute to his professional journey. He’s also been unable to sidestep questions about his acclaimed shot at St Andrews, where he lofted a ball from a footpath over houses and landed on the green. He contends that such boldness encapsulates his attitude towards the game and could potentially contribute to a successful professional career.

As the victor of the 2022 NSW Open as an amateur, Crowe has secured a playing status on the Australian PGA tour and will make his professional debut at the WA Open in October. Crowe, still balancing his job at Drummond Golf in the Sydney suburb of Starmore, aspires to emulate the footsteps of Victorian David Micheluzzi, who seized the Order of Merit along with a DP World Tour playing card last summer.

Both the Australian Open and PGA promise a similar reward for the winner, an acknowledgment not entirely out of Crowe’s realm of potential. “With all the great pathways the Australian tour has and with the status I’ve still got, we decided to push forward and rip in,” he stated with a discernibly indomitable spirit. The future, he believes, holds much promise. And it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.