Ripple’s XRP Faces Bear Market Threat Amidst Dwindling Momentum and Negative MVRV Ratio


Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP, is in the financial hot seat, as it’s increasingly viewed through a bearish lens, following a worrying pattern of price indicators that’s causing a stir among the crypto investing community. Despite plummeting below its 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) for the fourth day running, a marker often seen as the threshold into bear territory, Ripple has not despaired just yet.

The EMA is a critical barometer in the cryptocurrency zeitgeist, signaling possible mood-shifts in the market. With XRP’s below-average price standing as a daunting resistance level, some pundits are predicting a contraction in demand.

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As of the moment, XRP is changing hands at $0.52 per token, a 0.3% decrease from the past day and a drop of 3.1% over the last week, according to figures from Coingecko.

Adding credence to the whispers of a bear market is the dwindling momentum of XRP on all sides. Momentum indicators, which shed light on the potency and direction of price fluctuations, suggest Ripple may be losing its allure. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Money Flow Index (MFI), which gauge buying pressure and cash flow into and out of a stock, are languishing below neutral, insinuating that investors might be contemplating dumping their XRP assets as opposed to stocking up.

Compounding Ripple’s troubles is the drastic 30% tumble in the number of active daily addresses on the XRP network over the preceding month. This phenomenon, tracked by data analysts at Santiment, is typically perceived as a harbinger of a price downturn, revealing a lessening in overall network dynamism and user engagement.

Nevertheless, Ripple’s current predicament isn’t all doom and gloom. A heartening revelation is that daily traders are still eking out profits amidst the bearish clamor. Each losing transaction is balanced out by 1.16 winning ones – an indication that despite the prevailing grim sentiment, short-term trading could offer a glimmer of hope for enterprising investors capitalizing on market turbulence.

An alternate perspective into Ripple’s situation is provided by the negative Market Value to Realised Value (MVRV) ratio for XRP. This metric contrasts the current market price of XRP with the average acquisition cost of all XRP tokens. XRP’s negative MVRV ratio intimates that it is presently undervalued, potentially hinting at a bargain for investors on the hunt for assets priced below their historical levels.

Projections for XRP’s price surprisingly signal a 20% incline to a price of $0.626627 by July 1, 2024, even amidst the predominantly bearish market sentiment underscored by technical indicators. With the Fear & Greed Index perched at 72, indicating robust purchasing behavior, there could be a chance for a market rally, but not without its risks. Pervasive greed among investors could lead to overbought conditions and poses the potential for price corrections if sentiments sway.