Richmound Village Tensions Escalate Amid Alleged Threats from ‘Queen of Canada’ Didulo


The picturesque Village of Richmound in Saskatchewan finds itself embroiled amidst an unsettling situation. Investigations have been launched in response to alleged letters threatening public execution that the village received from the followers of Romana Didulo, termed by herself as the “Queen of Canada”. Didulo, the spearhead of an extremist conspiracy group, found refuge at a resident’s property in Richmound following her expulsion from Kamsack, Sask on September 13.

The villagers expressed their disapproval of Didulo’s occupancy of the abandoned school, sparking widespread protests on September 24. Their dissent seems to have elicited “cease and desist” letters, whose arrival in the village was confirmed by the town hall, albeit without disclosure of details.

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Didulo shot to infamy on the social media application, Telegram, where she disseminated a note accusing Richmound’s officials of harassment and intimidation. The note threatened consequences as severe as treason charges against anyone failing to discontinue their “immoral activities”, ominously portending public executions and devastation upon the family members of the purportedly guilty.

Investigations led by the Leader RCMP into the threatening online posts are still afoot, prohibiting the disclosure of additional information. Nonetheless, the stark menace of this group’s threats prompts alarm in the public, accentuated by their leader’s violent rhetoric and veiled threats against healthcare workers on her Telegram channels.

Didulo’s twisted perception of “natural law” is equally unnerving, marked by her claiming to have absolved her followers of their debts, taxes and utility bills. Victims of her rhetoric have suffered material losses, house forfeitures, and fraud allegations. Her beliefs, teetering on bizarre, include spaceships directing her actions from the skies and the existence of ‘med beds’ curing all diseases.

Christine Sarteschi, a criminologist who has been following Didulo’s ascent and studying her group’s activities, argues that despite Didulo being free from criminal charges and despite a police-enforced psychiatric hold on her in 2021, the general public is rightfully anxious about her and her followers’ actions.

In order to address this growing unease, local residents are urged to devise a strategy tackling their predicament; standstill is no viable recourse. The justice ministry, as announced by Premier Scott Moe, is expected to discuss the pressing issue, and a representative of the provincial government has assured technical assistance to the local leadership.

Richmound, located approximately 450 kilometres west of Regina, finds itself caught in an unnerving encounter with radicalism, raising legitimate concerns about public safety and the potency of extremist rhetoric. Nonetheless, hope prevails that the course of justice will soon restore tranquillity in the village’s serene expanse.