Richmond Rejects Casino Proposal, Affirms Stance in Referendum


In a decisive move, the people of Richmond have spoken out against the prospect of a casino for the second time, dampening the fervor of city officials and gaming enthusiasts alike. November’s local referendum illuminated the community’s firm stance, with the specter of a gaming resort failing to garner the necessary support to alter the cityscape of Virginia’s storied capital. The defeat was more profound than the initial rejection in 2021, perhaps signaling a conclusive end to the debate.

This latest development emerges against the backdrop of a broader move in 2020 when Virginia lawmakers opened the door for certain cities to explore the economic allure of casino ventures. Criteria meticulously crafted into the statutes singled out localities on the basis of population, property tax exemptions, and poverty metrics. These legislative keystones adeptly positioned Richmond as a prime candidate for becoming a casino host city.

Nevertheless, State Delegates Betsy Carr and Michael Jones are not only eyeing an end to Richmond’s casino saga but are actively seeking to rewrite the script. Carr is intent on excising the language that placed Richmond under the casino eligibility spotlight. Jones, on the other hand, aims for a more prescriptive measure, seeking to prohibit cities from reintroducing casino referendums.

While Richmond remains at a crossroads, other areas in the state are vying for the casino crown. Petersburg, with aspirations of economic rejuvenation, is a mere 25 miles from the heart of state governance and has caught the eye of several legislators eager to advocate for its candidacy.

Leading the charge for Petersburg’s casino dreams is State Senator Louise Lucas, a seasoned veteran in the political arena known for her steadfast support of commercial casinos. Together with Senator David Marsden, who envisions a casino in Tysons delivering a jackpot in tax revenue to the state, they represent the catalytic forces seeking to capitalize on the economic potential of gaming establishments.

As Richmond processes the outcome of the 2023 referendum, where the casino proposal was decidedly ousted by a margin of 58% to 42%, community leaders and stakeholders are confronted with the city’s clear verdict. The failure of the Richmond Grand Resort & Casino, marked by a controversial campaign riddled with contentious rhetoric, underscores a complex dialogue intertwining economic development and social sentiment.

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