Rex Block Phenomenon Promises Sunny Week Ahead in Maritimes


As autumn paints the Maritimes in crisp hues, an intriguing atmospheric phenomenon known as a Rex Block promises an exceptionally sunny week. Just as the season changes its mantle from summer greens to harvest golds, the Maritimes stand poised to experience excellent visibility and pleasant weather. This intriguing meteorological phenomenon, where high-pressure resides north of low-pressure, essentially blocking the jet stream, almost 10 kilometers above terra firma. This block is anticipated to form a stagnant meteoric stage for the next few days, with the high pressure warding off the development of considerable cloud cover or precipitation.

Promisingly, this unique meteorological phenomenon seems poised to extend into the forthcoming weeks, suggesting that the earliest probability for any widespread precipitation seems to be in early October. However, the clear skies at night do increase chances of frost. Frost Advisories are therefore in effect for Monday night and the subsequent build-up to Tuesday morning for New Brunswick, excluding Charlotte County. Simultaneously, similar warnings have been issued for parts of northern and eastern mainland Nova Scotia.

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Interestingly, the week’s high temperatures are set to coincide with and even exceed the climate averages for late September, generally recorded in the mid-to-high teens. Looking farther into the season, Environment Canada’s prediction system for Fall 2023 suggests higher chances of temperatures registering above average, with almost equally probable chances for above or below average precipitation.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) in the U.S. produces similar seasonal outlooks predicting above-normal temperatures and equal chances of variable precipitation, aligning with the forecasts from Environment Canada. Moreover, we’ve now crossed the climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. The development of tropical storms and hurricanes typically slows through the Fall, extending to the end of November.

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