Revolutionary Software That Lets Players Access Real Slots From Their Computers To Make Entry In Canada


Softweave, a leading software developer in the gaming space, is scheduled to launch its cutting-edge Winafar software in Canada in the coming days.

The software lets players play at real slot machines right from the comfort of their computers or smartphone.

The unveiling will be done together with RBY Gaming, a Canadian distributor, letting operators in the country deliver a compelling user experience.

Users can install the software on their land-based slots. It makes use of cameras as well as the microphone to take capture sounds and reels.

The software comes with a Winfar box that users plug into the cabinet to control the slot machine with their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The player accesses the game via a website or can also play the game from the lobby of a current casino web page.

Software unveiled the software in NJ in 2020 and has proved to be a catch with locals, particularly those looking to play the game for the first time. The software has captured the market to the extent it was named innovation of the year at B2B EGR awards and at the EGR America Awards 2020.

Roy Greenbaum, the company’s CEO, noted that they are excited that they have had the chance to roll out this product in Canada and let locals offer their customers an authentic user experience with the convenience of play from home.


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