Restaurants in Quebec Struggling to Hire Staff Ahead of the Awaited Reopening


Restaurants in Quebec by the end of the month will welcome people back for outdoor dining. Now they are trying to hire staff to be ready in time. Dyan Solomon runs three restaurants in Montreal says it won’t be an easy task for restaurants vying for the little labor pool.

“We are going to have every single restaurant in this city hiring 15, 20, 30 people at the same time and we’re all vying for that little labor pool so it’s going to be very challenging.”

On Tuesday, the province unveiled its reopening plan that pave way for restaurants to open on 28th May. However, the table is limited to only a single-family or two adults from different homes if children are present.

Starting on 31st May, restaurants will open their indoor dining rooms, with restrictions. This is the news Quebecers in the service industry have been waiting for but left with limited time to prepare.

Jean-Jacques Beauchamp, the CEO of the association of bar owners, says it is finally a relief to know that there is a schedule and they can start planning. He is confident that staff will be back for patio season but acknowledged that it is harder to beef up staff this time.

Thousands of employees will be hired in the next weeks in Quebec. Restaurants are working with their phones to try to figure out the employees coming back. Apart from the challenges of hiring and training staff, the restaurants will struggle to get supplies since contractors are overbooked.


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