Pierrefonds-Roxboro, April 16, 2020

“The borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro is pleased to announce the restart of work to close the dry material landfill site. This work represents the final phase of this project, which began in 1999 following the issuance of an operating permit by the then Environment Ministry.

The site has been officially closed to the delivery of dry materials since last summer. Work to finalize the project began in August, stopped during the winter, and will continue from today until next fall.

“We are very happy that the closure of the site by Matrec will be completed this year! On the other hand, we are aware that this work will cause bad odours and therefore hope that the residents adjacent to the quarry will understand in these exceptional circumstances. We thank them for their collaboration. If they wish to complain or have additional information about this closure, we invite them to call the number provided by Matrec. Starting this fall, if the work is completed as planned, residents will finally be able to fully enjoy their neighbourhood again,” said Borough Mayor Dimitrios (Jim) Beis.

Work to come

Here is the information that appears on the operator’s website about the work to be carried out in the coming months:

With the arrival of spring, phase 2 of the works to close the Pierrefonds landfill (former Meloche quarry) will resume on April 15.

Works will notably include the drilling and installation of 20 new vertical biogas wells in the eastern section of the site and these will be connected to the new flare that went into service in January 2020. These 20 biogas wells are in addition to the 15 other wells installed and in service since 2019 in the West section of the site. Once the wells are drilled and installed in the eastern section, Matrec will install the geomembrane and the various layers of cover materials. In addition, the installation of cover materials will be finalized on the West section on which the geomembrane was installed in 2019. A perimeter ditch will also be developed to redirect rainwater to a retention basin.
As long as weather conditions are favorable, work could be completed in the fall of 2020.

Meloche Quarry Pierrefonds

Once completed, this work, worth more than $10 million, will increase by 4 times the capacity of the system to collect and destroy the biogas responsible for the odors around the site.

Minimize inconvenience

Matrec and the contractors on the site are aware that the works could cause inconvenience for citizens. Unfortunately, the installation of new equipment in the mass of residual materials could occasionally generate odors around the site. Trucking in the area may also increase in the coming months. We are very sensitive to this situation and will do everything we can to minimize the impact on the neighborhood.


Government authorities having identified the residual materials management industry as an essential service in the context of the pandemic, Matrec is able to carry out the works to close the Pierrefonds site. Rest assured that all measures will be taken to prevent the risk of spreading and to ensure the safety of workers and those who will have access to the site.”

For more information regarding the work at the Pierrefonds site, contact the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, 514 696-4509 or write to info.pierrefonds@matrec.ca .


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