Residents unhappy about new street lights in Ile Bizard

Image by: Reynaldo from Pexels

New LED street light installations are being installed on a few Ile-Bizard residential streets.  So far some residents are not happy with the change.

Although the new lights consume 60% percent less electricity compared to the current model, residents say they are much brighter and do not have the soft orange glow. In addition, aesthetically, the lights lack the classic charm and style of the existing models.

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The lights are being replaced as part of a $110 million dollar project by the city of Montreal to install 132,000 LED lights throughout the 19 boroughs of Montreal.

Ile-Bizard resident Danielle M created a petition against the new street lights and so far it has gained more than 150 signatures in just a few days. Click here to view the petition

Images of the newly installed LED lights:

Image source: Danielle M.
Image source: Danielle M.

On October 11, 2019 the city of Montreal suspended the project to allow further discussions with residents and the borough mayor. The meeting is scheduled for next week and potential solutions will be discussed.

The city of Dorval successfully implemented a similar LED Smart Urban Lighting System project in 2017.

Dorval Implements a Smart Urban Lighting System