Republican Legislator Resigns Amidst Criminal Investigation into COVID-19 Relief Fraud


In a recent development in New Hampshire, USA, Republican legislator and casino owner, Laurie Sanborn, opted to step down from her position as chairperson of a gambling study committee. The resignation came hot on the heels of an announcement by law enforcement that she and her husband are under criminal investigation.

Sanborn, who hails from Bedford, led a commission that launched a thorough analysis of the state’s charitable gaming industry just last month. Citing lack of disruptions in the critical work the commission seeks to carry out as the rationale for her decision, she found backing in the words of House Speaker Sherm Packard.

The ex-chair and her spouse, previous state Senator Andy Sanborn, are proprietors of a tavern and casino in Concord. Recently, they secured permission to construct an expansive facility within close proximity. In a turn of events, the office of the Attorney General declared a criminal probe into allegations that Andy Sanborn wrongfully claimed COVID-19 relief aid, reportedly splurging on upmarket vehicles for himself and his wife.

Pledging to scrutinize “the actions of all individuals and entities involved,” Attorney General John Formella directed the matter to the federal authorities while the state lottery commission prepares to permanently withdraw Andy Sanborn’s gambling license.

Although the couple remained mute in response to a call for comment, Andy Sanborn disputed the commission’s conclusions amidst expressing eagerness to challenge them at an official hearing. He claimed to have diligently adhered to the stipulations when applying for federal relief funds to alleviate the “operational challenges” birthed by the pandemic.

“I have full confidence our actions were transparent and in complete accordance of the law,” he stated.

Enlightening details from the investigation reveals the allegation that Sanborn fraudulently acquired $844,000 from the Small Business Administration. He purportedly expended $181,000 on a pair of Porsche race vehicles and $80,000 on procuring a Ferrari for his wife. Sanborn is also alleged to have compensated himself over $183,000, explaining it as rent expense for his Concord properties.

Andy Sanborn, who served four terms in the state Senate, unsuccessfully sought a Congressional seat in 2018. Laurie Sanborn, on the other hand, is currently in her 7th term in the House, where she functions as Speaker pro tempore and Chair of the Ways and Means Committee.


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