Report Detailing The Circumstances Around Lexi Daken’s Passing Sent To The Health Minister


Chris Daken hopes that the health department will uncover the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death with the family before the country hears about it.

Bruce Macfarlane, the health department’s spokesperson, said on Thursday the report is with the health minister.

Daken noted that no one from the health ministry had reached him.

He added that he is aware the health department will want to look at what is in the report first but feels hopeful that the family will be next to see its contents.

The report was released after his 16-year-old daughter, Lexi Daken, ended her own life.

On the 3rd of March, a fortnight after Lexi died, Dorothy Shephard, the health minister, said that the system is broken and promised to make positive changes.

She added that she did ask Horizon Health Network for a recommendation and asked that they revert to her before the end of March.

Last Thursday, Macfarlane stated that the said report would be reviewed in the coming days.

After Lexi died, the health minister had a meeting with Norm Bosse, a child and youth advocate in N.B, and talked about the need to review current mental health services for people.

Bosse’s assessment will be released in the form of a report. Still, it will not include calling key witnesses to testify, as would be the case in a public hearing, which the parents hoped would happen.

Before she died, Lexi was in grade 8 and had tried to take her own life once before. On the 18th of February, her school guidance counselor felt something was off about her and asked to be taken to an emergency room at the Everett Chalmers facility.

They were there for hours and got no medical help for her. A week later, Lexi took her own life.

Her story has become a basis for change. Criticism has been channeled towards the mental health care system. The dad is not sure why the child’s story is resonating well with the local community. He added that he has asked himself the same question many times.

But he said that he thinks it’s because parents feel that if such could happen to an athletic and intelligent child like their daughter, it can happen to any other child.


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