Renowned Entertainment Journalist Sam Rubin Dead at 64, Hollywood Mourns Loss


The entertainment world is mourning the loss of one of its stalwarts, Sam Rubin, the renowned anchor, and reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles. He was not merely a journalist, but a charismatic personality who carved out a place for himself within the Hollywood landscape, sharing a remarkable rapport with the industry’s top-tier celebrities. At the age of 64, Rubin has taken his final bow, leaving a vacuum in the world of entertainment journalism.

Details surrounding his untimely demise remain undisclosed, with the television station announcing his unexpected death on Friday. Known for his infectious enthusiasm and boundless curiosity, he played a pivotal role in shaping the station’s morning news beat since joining in 1991.

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Sam Rubin was not just a news anchor; he was a fixture of the entertainment world. He lent a distinct flair to the segment with his engaging live chats with actors and musicians. Equally at ease at premiere red carpets, movie junkets, or behind his desk, Rubin’s final broadcast was a touching interview with Jane Seymour. The news of his passing plunged Hollywood into a state of shock, prompting an outpouring of personal tributes from industry stalwarts such as Tom Hanks, Viola Davis, Ben Stiller, Guillermo del Toro, Kiefer Sutherland, Octavia Spencer, and many other Hollywood figures on social media platforms.

Rubin’s distinct interviewing style rendered him a favorite among stars like Ryan Reynolds who praised Rubin’s genuine kindness and intriguing questions. He further added, “Even if it was the 85th interview in a day, Rubin always brought an energetic zeal and genuine curiosity which made each conversation feel unique and memorable.”

Jamie Lee Curtis, another notable admirer of Rubin, described him as the epitome of professionalism with an unmatched enthusiasm for his craft. Drawing from the personal association she shared with Rubin throughout her career, Curtis commented on the unmistakable sparkle in Rubin’s eyes which was especially noticeable early in the morning as he embarked on his daily duties.

A native of San Diego, Rubin completed his education at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Over his illustrious career, he was adorned with multiple accolades from different news journalism groups, even bagging a lifetime achievement award from the Southern California Broadcasters Association, a testament to his outstanding contributions to the journalistic field.

The heartrending news continues to send ripples across the globe, leaving Rubin’s surviving family – his wife, Leslie, and four children – encompassed in loving thoughts and prayers throughout this challenging time.