Renowned CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow Bids Heartfelt Farewell to Network


Renowned anchor Poppy Harlow has made the decision to part ways with CNN, a cable news megapower that she has called her professional home since 2008. Harlow’s heartening farewell message to her colleagues, shared via email, reflected on her remarkable journey with the network, describing it as nothing short of “a gift”.

Over the span of more than a decade, Harlow has walked CNN’s hallowed halls with grace and determination, drawing inspiration from her colleagues, some of whom she termed as her ‘dear friends’. The network, she asserted, had not just been a job, but a veritable crucible that had effectively shaped her into a resilient leader. It offered her invaluable lessons on perspective, decision-making, and standing tall in the face of tumultuous circumstances.

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During her tenure at CNN, Harlow has been instrumental in covering a multitude of significant stories, notably the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013 and the gruesome Paris terror attacks in 2015. Her work went far beyond mere reporting, enabling her to touch the soul of America, unearthing the tenacity and courage that make this country extraordinary.

As she puts it eloquently in her farewell note, “I sat with people in their best moments and in their hardest. They taught me about the human condition and what binds us.”

Earlier this year, the network pondered redefining the time slot of “CNN This Morning” and eventually opted to shift the show to Washington. Harlow was a co-host of this prestigious program, a testament to her remarkable journalistic prowess.

CNN’s Chief Executive, Mark Thompson, paid homage to Harlow’s time at the network stating, “Poppy is a unique talent who combines formidable reporting and interviewing prowess with a human touch that audiences have always responded to.”

Prior to her fruitful sojourn at CNN, Harlow showcased her anchoring talents at the Forbes Video Network. She was also reputed for her acumen as an anchor and reporter for NY1 News. An accomplished academic, Harlow holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Studies of Law from Yale Law School.