Renowned Analysts Eye Triple-figure Surge for XRP in Bullish Forecast


A pulsating forecast from a renowned cryptocurrency analyst, known as CryptoBull, has sent ripples through the virtual currency market. The analyst senses a bullish movement on the horizon that could catapult the XRP price to triple figures. Although CryptoBull didn’t indicate when this substantial upward shift might happen, the anticipation alone whets the appetite of investors and spectators alike.

In a post on a prominent social platform, CryptoBull shared a chart indicating a potential rise in XRP to an optimistic $154. The analyst pinpointed an ascending broadening wedge, predicting that XRP is set to break through this threshold in an upward parabolic move. To reinforce his forecast, CryptoBull also shared the analyses of two additional experts, suggesting a potential price breakout for XRP in the near future.

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The first predictor, Javon Marks, echoed CryptoBull’s outlook, hinting that something is brewing for the XRP. Marks unveiled a chart that showcased a bullish divergence forming for XRP. In his analysis, Marks was bold in his projections for XRP, speculating a rise to as high as $200 due to his Full Logarithmic follow-through analysis. Harking back to the 2017 bull run of XRP, wherein the price spirally surged to an astounding 108,000%, Marks revealed that XRP has since established and surged past its “largest resisting structure ever”.

CryptoBull also brought into the limelight the study of another crypto expert, CasiTrades. She foresaw that XRP might scale up to highs of $13, given its consolidation over half-a-decade. Speculating further into the future, she entertained the prospect of XRP reaching a startling high of $80 upon breaking out of the consolidation triangle.

Another analyst, JackTheRippler, also conjectured that XRP could skyrocket to a cool $100 soon but took a different route altogether in his conclusion. Instead of scrutinizing charts, he digressed to focus on the pending lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Ripple. He was quite assured in declaring that this lawsuit’s resolution will bolster XRP’s price to the $100 milestone.

Amidst all these speculations, analyst Egrag Crypto chimed in with his post suggesting that a breakout for XRP was not only a possibility but imminent. He pointed out the “White Triangle” breakout as a robust indicator, mentioning that it was “aligning perfectly” with preceding charts and the Fib 0.0702 to 0.786 levels. Egrag also underlined the importance of XRP surpassing the $0.70 to $0.75 price range as a crucial breakout point. He seemed confident that an upward trend for XRP was around the corner and that a “mega run for XRP” was aligning with the stars.

As the world keeps an eye on the crypto charts and updates, the present paints a different picture. XRP, as of this writing, is trading at a modest $0.53, down by more than 1% in the previous 24-hour cycle, Source: CoinMarketCap. Despite the current stagnation, proponents of the cryptocurrency are righteously hopeful that the winds of fortune will soon blow in favor of XRP, ushering a phenomenal rally.