Top 10 Tips to Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets in Montreal


Yes, your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home.

It’s at the heart of your day-to-day living.

Think about it, you wake up, you go downstairs, you make coffee.

It’s where you prepare your family meals, and pour the wine before catching up with friends.

So, it’s an important space, right?

That’s why you deserve to begin every day in a stylish, tranquil and functional environment.


family in kitchen

Not only does your kitchen tie your home together, but it also ties your loved ones together too.

Here are the Top 10 Tips to Renovating Your Kitchen…in Montreal!

Overview of what we’ll be covering:

  1. What’s your goal
  2. Choosing a design
  3. Cheap cabinet options
  4. Custom cabinets vs Prefabricated cabinets
  5. Finding a kitchen designer
  6. Getting your kitchen cabinets wholesale
  7. Kitchen renovators in Montreal
  8. Choosing the right countertops
  9. Resurfacing your kitchen
  10. Finding kitchen suppliers in Montreal


It starts now…


1. What’s Your Goal?

Before renovating your kitchen consider your current needs and your future goals.

Are you:

  • single?
  • a couple?
  • a family (with kids or teens)?

Remember, not all kitchens are created equal.

montreal kitchen with island

It’s time to decide what your kitchen motivation is.

Do you want to:

  • Improve the look and feel?
  • Improve function?
  • Upgrade appliances?
  • Improve storage?
  • Increase home value?
  • Have an open floor plan?
  • Improve entertaining space?
  • Have a more communal area?
  • Adapt to changing lifestyle?
  • Increase energy efficiency?

Your goals can even be something as personal as losing weight or learning to cook healthier, more nutritious food.

Some people get motivated for the gym by going out and buying new gym wear (because if they look good, they feel good, thus more inclined to go and smash their goals).

Keeping things the same way for too long they become uninspiring, cluttered, and drab.

Life’s too short for that!

A new kitchen can be a sure start to changing your life for the better.

Everyone feels happy when living areas are an expression of yourself and what you really love.

It’s where you begin feeding your body the nutrition it needs to survive and live well!


2. Choosing a Design

Choosing a design for your kitchen may seem overwhelming at first, but it can be broken down into a few basic elements.

Your design will often depend on whether you are choosing to just renovate the appearance of your current cabinets or remodel the entire design of your kitchen.

There are 4 basic kitchen designs that you will find in almost every home.

  1. One with an Island
  2. Galley
  3. U-Shape
  4. L-Shape

Luckily for you, it’s never been easier to visualize your ideas using free design software you can find on the web such as Homestyler.

This website lets you design your kitchen in 2D or 3D so you can get a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like.

u-shaped kitchen

If you’re stumped for ideas, you can always start with some from the gallery of premade designs.

You can even experiment with different colors and finishes.

You should also consider your ‘work triangle’, the space you cover when you’re going from stove, to sink, to the refrigerator.

Where are you going to put your appliances?

What is the most natural and efficient for you?

This process can really help to erase any indecision you may have and add clarity.

The next step would be to visit a showroom!

Here you can touch and feel different surfaces and fixtures to see if they really live up to your expectations.

You may feel differently after you’ve seen the real thing, so don’t skip this step!

3. Cheap Cabinet Options

Ahh, cabinets! The most obvious and visual proof of your investment.

No wonder it feels like such a big decision. With so many different options out there, the choices are endless, but if you focus on a few key factors you can find custom kitchen cabinets for your kitchen renovation.


IKEA is widely considered the go-to for cheap kitchen cabinets.

It’s relatively inexpensive, they have great showrooms, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

They keep their costs low by mass-producing a system of set sizes, colors, finishes, and features, available for you to simply pick and choose.

As a supplier, their style can be both classic and ultra-contemporary. IKEA is a solid contender for cheap kitchen cabinets.

ikea kitchens warehouse

When you place your order the pieces are pulled from stock suppliers and shipped to your home where you have to handle both assembly and installation.

4. Custom Cabinets VS Prefabricated Cabinets

You have 2 options when it comes to cabinets, Custom and Prefab.

Here’s a quick overview.

Prefabricated Cabinets

Prefabricated cabinets are a semi-custom option, like IKEA, you pick and choose from set sizes, colors, finishes, and features (though national retailers tend to have more options overall).

However, from there your order will be manufactured and assembled so your cabinets arrive ready for installation.

The prices of these type of cabinets vary.


Because it’s likely you will pay more upfront for better quality materials, but spend less on labor because the cabinets are assembled before they get to you.

wooden countertops

Prefabricated cabinets are a great choice when your renovation timeline has to be speedy but you don’t want to compromise too much on quality.

You can usually get your hands on pre-fab cabinets in-store same-day or delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are typically made from wood (solid wood & plywood), high-end hardware, and built to order.

They are designed and constructed by hand based on your kitchen design and space.

You can create a totally unique kitchen by defining everything from sizes, materials, finishes, and features.

Your kitchen is then hand-crafted to perfection and delivered for your installation.

The choices for materials and construction are endless, meaning the costs here are generally distributed between your choice of material and style, labor, and a more personalized design and customer service approach.

custom cabinet kitchen

Custom cabinets may be less expensive than you think if your kitchen has limited space, lots of space, or an unusual layout.


In a tight or unusual space, IKEA or prefabricated cabinets might not be worth the initial savings, because you will need to make an adjustment which will require more “inventive labor” to fit everything in.

The pros of custom cabinets:

Non-standard cabinets heights and depths can bring value to your renovation and resale value.

Custom cabinets might be worth the extra money if you plan to stay for a long time, have kids, or would like personalized support.

Custom cabinets look high quality, with solid wood doors, sturdier construction and joinery methods such as dovetail joints and interlocking pieces of wood to distribute stress more evenly than stock nut, bolt, and nail methods.

5. Finding a Kitchen Designer

We live in a blessed era with an abundance of free resources at our fingertips.

All hail the internet!

I mentioned earlier that there are many useful tools online (such as Homestyler) that can help you to visualize your new kitchen design ideas.

However, if interior design isn’t really your thing, fear not, there are plenty of people on hand to help.

Of course, while experimenting yourself online can save you tons of money, getting the advice of an expert is always worthwhile.

kitchen design

They may be able to preempt any potential installation or logistical problems and help you to avoid unexpected omissions that may cost you extra at a later date.

Ask around, either find your own kitchen designer online on Houzz, or work with the one from any of the stores or showrooms you visit.

Your kitchen store or manufacturer will have design as part of their package.

6. Getting Your Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Retail Price = manufacturer gets a cut, wholesaler gets a cut, retail store gets a cut.

You want none of that!

Buying from a wholesaler usually means you’re buying from the actual maker / manufacturer.

Cutting out the middleman is where you can save a ton.

Yes, luckily for you, there are kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Montreal.

Here’s an example…

Boiseries GMS make kitchen cabinets. They also make staircases, doors, and moldings from scratch and you can buy directly from them.

It’s nice to be able to lean on a woodworking factory when renovating. You get custom stuff and great prices.

Manufacturers usually don’t have fancy showrooms but you can easily save 10k-25k by choosing to work directly with a kitchen cabinet maker.

However, take time to understand the materials, pay attention to craftsmanship, look into reputations, and make sure you click with the people you meet.

kitchen cabinets wholesale

Most importantly, quality at wholesale tends to be high, so if you see a style you like in there, it’s well worth your consideration, and it will end up saving you some hard earned cash.

7. Finding a Kitchen Renovator in Montreal

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that almost all your energy right now is going into what your new kitchen could look like.

However, it’s also important to remember that you still need to get rid of your old one!

If you’re not lucky enough to be a handy person or live with a handy person, then you’re going to need to hire someone to do this for you.

The renovator will use the kitchen design and prepare the space for your new kitchen to be installed.

Remember, you may need plumbing and electrical re-routed, new windows installed, or walls removed so it’s important you find the right person for the job.

Ask around, have any of your friends had their kitchens renovated recently?

Can they recommend anyone who did a good job?

You can always check out for contractor reviews. You can also reach out to or who will help you choose a renovator.

kitchen renovator Montreal

Alternatively, search online, get quotes, read reviews, and make an informed decision.

Your renovator is important. Take your time and choose one wisely.

8. Choosing the Right Countertops

Countertops are a vital part of any kitchen. Before choosing the right one for your kitchen you must consider, the material, color, maintenance, and cost.

white kitchen countertops

5 of the most popular options

Stainless Steel, Concrete, Butcher Block, Natural Stone and Quartz.

Here’s an overview on each:

1) Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are rising in popularity in industrial looking kitchens.

They’re durable, heat and stain resistant, but watermarks and crumbs are pretty obvious, plus they scratch and dent fairly easily.

2) Concrete Countertops

Uniquely modern, this option gives your kitchen an industrial look!

Concrete countertops are tough and heat resistant but they are very heavy and difficult to install.

You need to make sure your cabinets can handle the weight. In some cases, cabinets have to be reinforced before being fitted with concrete countertops.

3) Butcher Block Countertops

These can be nice to work on and are great for your prep zone, but generally not an appropriate choice for the entire countertop as they scratch, chip, stain, and aren’t heat resistant.

They also need to be sealed and oiled regularly.

4) Natural Stone Countertops

There is an array of natural stone countertops to choose from but some of the most popular options include:

  • Average durability
  • Chips
  • Not heat resistant
  • Subject to temperature changes
  • Has to be sealed once a year
  • Porous (liquid / air)
  • Harbors bacteria
  • Stains
  • Vast array of styles
  • Strong
  • Can chip
  • Heat can be an issue
  • Has to be sealed regularly
  • More porous than granite
  • Can stain
  • Absorbs bacteria
5) Quartz

Quartz is a man-made material that’s tremendously popular for many reasons.

  • Beautiful solution
  • Lots of designs
  • Man-made so it’s very durable
  • Scratch resistant
  • No stains
  • No sealers
  • Non-porous
  • Doesn’t harbor bacteria

9) Resurfacing Your Kitchen is an Option

Looking for a cost-effective alternative for your kitchen makeover?

You’re in luck!

Yes, renovating the kitchen can get a little pricey!

However, there are many quick fixes that can reinvent the appearance of your kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

Resurfacing means that you can save on your budget and find something that fits in with the existing décor of your kitchen.

Common materials for resurfacing include:

Laminate – affordable, customizable, but not repairable.

Tile – durable, easy to clean, but can appear uneven or can crack.

Soapstone – non-porous, resist heats, but usually limited on color and designs.

tiled white kitchen

For cabinets, there are also many quick-fix solutions and economical options available to purchase in homeware stores.

You can paint and varnish cabinets for a fresh appearance by simply cleaning, de-glossing, adding a bonding coat, a decorative glaze, and finishing with a protective top coat.


Small changes such as changing the cabinet handles and features can make a huge difference to the overall feel and look of your kitchen.

Simply replace outdated features with a more contemporary designs.

It’s simple and easy to do yourself.

10) Finding Kitchen Suppliers in Montreal

With all that said and done, time for the fun part!

Seek out your suppliers…

Here are some useful resources to help you get started.

  1. Houzz for kitchen ideas
  2. Kitchen countertops company with fantastic reviews
  3. FREE online kitchen designer tool
  4. Find renovation companies on, or
  5. Get custom kitchen cabinets from a cabinet maker

We hope by now, you’re on your way to a more inspiring kitchen.

You deserve a space that you can be proud of.

Decide on your budget for the project, consider the key factors mentioned in this article, and do your research.

Have any questions?

Be sure to leave them in the comments section below, we’d be happy to answer them for you.


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