As you may have probably already noticed the launching gantries in the West Island (Anne and Marie) to construct the 14.5 km of the elevated structure, this operation will involve installing the segments that will form the REM’s deck over Saint-Charles and Saint-Jean Boulevard. 

Some may be concerned or slightly anxious driving underneath the structure on Saint-Charles Boulevard, but rest assured West Islanders, we have the info you need. 

“The launching gantry is used to lift the prefabricated concrete segments (weighing about 50 tons each), move them and assemble them one after the other to form the deck on which the REM’s cars will pass,” stated Emmanuelle Rouillard-Moreau, communications director for the REM. 

The clearance (height) from the road on Saint-Charles boulevard towards the concrete segment of the REM is at least 5.3 metres or 17.38 feet whereas the average height for an 18 wheeler truck is 13.6 feet. This difference in height makes any vehicle completely safe.

“While the launching gantry is impressive, it is essential not to be distracted by its presence above the traffic lanes. Traffic can be safely reestablished under the prefabricated segments once they have been secured to the launching gantry; there is no risk for road users travelling under the structure,” noted Emmanuelle Rouillard-Moreau. 


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