Rekt Capital Predicts Bitcoin’s Zenith Yet to Come Despite Recent Slump


In the ever-fluctuating landscape of cryptocurrency, notable crypto analyst Rekt Capital brings intriguing insights into the prediction of Bitcoin’s cycle highs, stating that the zenith of the flagship crypto is yet to come. This view defies the recent unsettlement among investors stoked by Bitcoin’s decline to new lows this week.

Rekt Capital put forward his predictions in a post on a popular social media platform, previously identified as Twitter. According to his analysis, the zenith of Bitcoin could fall somewhere between mid-September and mid-October of 2025, under the condition that history tends to repeat itself. He backed his propositions with the historical patterns observed during the bull runs in 2017 and 2021. Bitcoin had reached its peak 518 days after the halving event in 2017 and 546 days after a similar occurrence in 2021.

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Drawing on these patterns, Rekt Capital postulates that the market top of Bitcoin in this bull cycle might be spotted between 518 to 546 days after the latest halving event, which occurred in April this year. His projected timeline places Bitcoin’s peak sometime in the months of September or October next year.

Previously, Rekt Capital had emphasized Bitcoin’s acceleration in this cycle, which, earlier this year, was clocking 260 days ahead. However, he stated that this is no longer valid due to the flagship crypto enduring over three months of consolidation since the halving event. He maintains that Bitcoin’s rate of acceleration dropped significantly and is presently approximately 150 days. Consequently, Bitcoin is likely to resynchronize with the traditional halving cycle the longer it consolidates.

Despite indications from Bitcoin’s current price action that might suggest an end to the bull run, Rekt Capital remains undeterred. He regularly posits that Bitcoin will retrace deeply enough to convince anyone of the bull run’s end, only to continue its upward stride.

The analyst further pointed out that Bitcoin’s recent downtrend is noteworthy, signaling a potential major trend shift. He predicts that a break from the multi-week downtrend could potentially kickstart at least a multi-week uptrend for Bitcoin.

Another noteworthy opinion comes from crypto analyst Mikybull Crypto, aligning with Rekt Capital in asserting that Bitcoin’s cycle top is not yet in sight, despite the recent dip in prices. Mikybull Crypto clarified that Bitcoin’s present sell-off bottom might be closer than anticipated, referencing a similar scenario from the third quarter of 2023 when most people prematurely assumed Bitcoin’s run was over.

Mikybull Crypto offered an optimistic prediction, stating that the flagship crypto has a potential cycle top price target of $171,000. His statement implies that Bitcoin is still on track to attain new all-time highs before any declaration of the bull run being over can be made.