Reinstatement of COVID-19 Health Measures Upsets Teachers and Gym Owners in Montreal


The Tuesday public health announcement will see Montrealers resume their earlier routines once again. It is like a yo-yo schedule to teachers and gym owners who are affected directly by the pandemic.

The announcement was something that some teachers who resisted last week return to campus last week were thinking about. Heidi Yetman, who works with the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers, says that the previous day’s off-campus model was working. The government shouldn’t have repealed it and then reinstated it.

“I can imagine how teachers and administrators are feeling right now. They reorganized the school organization to get back on track this week. They should have just left it from the get-go.”

Yetman also expressed her gratitude that teachers have been moved up to the COVID-19 vaccine priority list. She, however, insisted that a fixed timeline should be given for their vaccination.

“I don’t think they are protecting teachers, and I fear for their safety. They are so overwhelmed and afraid and at a breaking point.”

Gyms in Quebec red zones are closing 12 days after reopening. However, Corey Faubert of the F45 Fitness Studio in Griffintown says the gym should not be included in other gyms’ reclosing.

The gym was built during the pandemic and with health restrictions in mind. Clients do not share equipment and exercise in their square. They also adhere to extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing.


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