Regina Police Bust Uncovers Weapons, Arrests Ten Including 13-Year-Old Boy


A comprehensive investigation conducted by the Street Gang Unit (SGU) of the Regina Police Service (RPS) culminated in the arrest of ten individuals, one of which was a mere boy of 13.

On a quiet Saturday, the SGU, accompanied by a SWAT team, descended on a residence situated on the 1200 block of Angus Street in the North Central area of Regina. The RPS revealed that there were thirteen individuals housed within the property. Out of these, a total of ten people were apprehended based on different charges and outstanding warrants.

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In the evidence gathered during this investigation, police have listed a disturbing variety of items. Their findings included firearms, rounds of ammunition, protective body armour, and the dangerously potent opioid, fentanyl.

The individuals facing charges in relation to the SGU probe include a 35-year-old male, a 34-year-old female, and a 13-year-old adolescent. Simultaneously, seven other individuals were taken into custody under warrants for a series of grave offences. These ranged from aggravated assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, to the possession of firearms.

Respective charges drawn up against the man and woman included possession of a prohibited firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm, irresponsible storage of a firearm, along with four instances of violation of a firearm prohibition order.

As for the 13-year-old boy, he was indicted similarly. The charges against him included weapon possession, carrying a concealed weapon, along with failure to abide by a release order. He was also confronted with four instances of possessing a firearm in direct violation of a prohibition order.

Having been formally charged, the trio found themselves facing their first court appearance this past Monday.