Regina International Airport Undergoes $26M Lighting Upgrade for Improved Weather Navigation.


Regina’s International Airport is currently undergoing an upgrade to enhance navigational lighting on its primary runway. This initiative is part of a larger $26 million project focusing on runway improvements at the airport.

The upgraded lighting systems are aimed at aiding aircraft during less than optimal weather conditions. The ultimate objective of these advancements is to reduce the frequency of flights unable to touch down in Regina due to extreme weather or darkness.

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The advanced lighting system is essentially a replica of the high-performance lighting operational on the north side of the runway. The hope is to create cohesion by ensuring consistent lighting on both sides of the runway— a key element in aircraft navigation.

This enhanced lighting should offer a considerable advantage, especially in adverse weather conditions. For passengers, this means an increased likelihood of being able to use the runway, thanks to the superior visibility available to pilots landing aircraft from companies such as WestJet or Air Canada.

The airport’s surrounding residents and those working nearby should expect to spot the signs of this lighting project as progress begins. Commuters along Lewvan are likely to see the appearance of new light poles constructed specifically to support the upgraded lighting system for the main runway.

The airport authorities anticipate the fresh lighting installation to be completed by the end of October, providing a safer and more reliable airport operation for all.