Regina Humane Society Nears Completion of $28M Upgraded Animal Care Facility


On the cusp of a significant upgrade, the Regina Humane Society (RHS) is nearing the completion of its new facility located in southern Regina.

This much-anticipated complex, which has been under construction for some time, emerges as a beacon of improvement for the society’s current residents. The shortcomings of the existing facility, as RHS director Lisa Koch points out, have increasingly emphasized the need for this transformation. The present site is deemed inadequate for delivering the essential services and the level of care needed for animals.

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With an estimated cost of $28 million, the new facility offers a striking departure from the old one. Sporting an open-concept design, it promises its animal residents more space and considerably less stress. Koch underscores the principal objective of such design: prevention of disease. As is well evidenced, stress often acts as a catalyst for sickness, particularly in animals.

For over a decade, this new construction has been the brainchild of RHS’s public relations director, Bill Thorn. Thorn considers this upgrade to be not merely advisable but indeed necessary. Beyond introducing superior living conditions, the new facility is expected to exponentially increase the number of animals the RHS can extend its services to.

With just $1 million left to raise, RHS is down to the wire in seeing their decade-long effort bear fruit.

In addition to upgraded living quarters, the building will also house a fully stocked veterinary clinic. This is a significant boost compared to RHS’s current veterinary services, which are primarily carried out from a mobile clinic. With an onsite clinic, this mobile unit is now freed up for increased community work.

As of now, the final touches are being made to the new establishment. If all stays on schedule, the cherished animal inhabitants will hopefully celebrate their first Christmas in their spacious new residence.