Regina Gas Leak Spree Suspect Faces 31 Charges After Weekend Rampage


Over the past weekend, a slew of peculiar gas leak incidents were spread throughout the bustling streets of downtown Regina. A man, having reportedly caused these leaks at 26 separate natural gas meters, now wears the weight of 31 charges on his shoulders. The litany of suspicious episodes is said to have commenced around the stroke of 11 on the night of September 23rd.

The origins of the unusual events were discerned after local law enforcement was alerted by the Regina Fire and Protective Services to a potential gas leak. The affected establishment, located on the 1900 block of Victoria Avenue, became the epicenter of the unraveling intrigue. A tip-off from a concerned denizen, who had reportedly observed a man fleeing from a gas meter following the audible hiss of a high-pressure release, pointed the police in the direction of the culprit.

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As investigation and repair efforts were underway, police had to assume traffic control to ensure safety in the vicinity. However, within minutes, similar reports began to unfold. An employee of a business farther along Victoria Avenue informed the police of an unnatural gas scent enveloping their surroundings. The sequela was marked by the discovery of a compromised gas meter nearby.

Over the course of those ensuing hours, a flurry of gas leak reports poured in, straining the police and wafting anxiety over the city. Meanwhile, the offending individual continued his spree. His audacity peaked the following morning when he was seen attempting to sever gas lines around the 1800 block of Scarth Street.

The scene, healed by the rising sun at around 7:40 a.m., was being surveyed by a fire inspector. He was attending to an ongoing fire at the nearby Gordon Block building on 12th Avenue. As the fire inspector endeavored to take a closer look, the alleged culprit threatened him with a sharp weapon before escaping the scene.

Soon after this alarming incident, another report painted a similar picture of the man brazenly wielding his weapon and causing more havoc. It took just five more minutes for the police to apprehend the 39-year-old suspect. The weapon, ominously discarded, was subsequently discovered in the vicinity.

The 26 afflicted gas meters, victims of this strange crime spree, have since been mended. An ongoing investigation also suspects the man of committing two acts of downtown graffiti. The traced connections to the Gordon Block fire remain under scrutiny.

Luck ran out for the accused as he stood in the dock of the provincial court in Regina on a Monday. The charges read out against him included 25 counts of mischief under $5000, 3 counts of mischief over $5000, one count of endangering public lives, and two counts of assault with a weapon.

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