Regina Floral Conservatory Reopens: A Tropical Oasis Amidst Autumn Splendor


Having enjoyed a period of respite during the sweltering summer months, the Regina Floral Conservatory has thrown its doors open again, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a lush oasis of diverse flora.

Hosting an impressive assortment of plant species, each meticulously labeled with a name tag, the conservatory is a haven for botanical enthusiasts and casual observers alike. There is no entrance fee required for this horticultural paradise. However, donations are graciously accepted. Funds collected contribute towards the operational costs of various educational initiatives, such as the engaging ‘Little Gardeners’ programme designed for pre-school children.

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Sharon Solheim, a representative of the conservatory, confirmed that their mission is rooted in promoting well-being through fostering connections with plants and nature. “This space provides a serene sanctuary, where one can spend a fleeting moment or a whole afternoon enveloped by the natural world, with the added comforts of tea and coffee,” she remarked.

Currently adorning the conservatory is the ‘Autumn Splendour’ exhibition, headlined by the striking bloom of the ‘Bird of Paradise’ plant.

Over on 4th Avenue, the Regina Floral Conservatory extends its warmth and verdant allure to the public from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Catering to private functions, it offers a distinct setting for events such as wedding receptions or graduation celebrations.