Regina City Hall Denies Biohazard Presence, Plans $60k Greenery Rehabilitation


Regina city authorities have denied the confirmed detection of biohazards in the city hall courtyard. The mayor, Sandra Masters, cited prospective biological threats as the rationale behind barricading the area, which was previously a homelessness camp. She argued that the city will need to finance the restoration of the greenery before the public can access the location again.

An official statement clarified the absence of any risk analysis in the green areas, thus rendering the presence of biohazards unconfirmed. Nevertheless, the statement further emphasized that the barrier was put up strictly as a safety measure.

City officials also pointed out that the evaluation and consequent restoration of the area are not expected to supersede other upcoming municipal projects planned for the approaching fall months.

The monetary estimation regarding the green area restoration stands at approximately $60,000.

In addition, the city disclosed the completion of an assessment at Core Community Park in Regina last year. This park was the location of Camp Hope, which provided shelter for approximately 100 inhabitants for an extended period during the fall. Following the camp’s closure, an evaluation of the location transpired. With the assessment findings in hand, city officials embarked on suitable steps to rehabilitate the area for the public’s continued use.


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