Regina City Hall Courtyard Fences to be Removed Following Successful Greenery Restoration


In an unexpected development, the protective barriers framing the City Hall Courtyard in Regina are slated for removal. This revelation was confirmed by City Manager Niki Anderson. The fences have been a mainstay since law enforcement orchestrated the dispersal of a group of homeless inhabitants residing within the vicinity at July’s end.

The decision to remove the fences was made after the courtyard’s greenery was deemed secure and well-maintained. Anderson reassured citizens through a press statement, noting the pristine condition of these public spaces.

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Fears of potential biohazard left behind by the displaced residents, however, initially justified the fences’ continued presence. Anderson rectified the misunderstanding in a later statement, elucidating that the barriers would stand until the grass of the courtyard had fully rejuvenated.

Foregoing the acquisition of replacement greenery, these barriers offered an opportunity for the natural recovery of the grass, mitigating future landscape repair expenses considerably.

Going forward, the city administration ascertains its intention to impose the Park and Open Space Bylaw at the City Hall Courtyard. This bylaw effectively disallows the formation of camps, mirroring the encampment that was erected and occupied the space over a span of 42 days in early part of the year.

In context with every legality, the city aims for voluntary adherence, reaffirms Anderson. The anticipated removal of the fences encircling the courtyard will commence promptly at 8 a.m. on the coming Thursday morning.