Regina Breaks Ground on New $65M Educational Facility Expected to House 1000 Students


The beginning stages of construction are underway for a notable educational establishment situated in northern Regina. The groundbreaking ceremony, commemorating the initiation of the project, was held on Wednesday and witnessed the esteemed presence of individuals including Premier Scott Moe, Mayor Sandra Masters, and Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill. Representatives from both Regina Public and Catholic School Divisions along with students and staff were also in attendance.

“Though the sight of fences and heavy machines might not be immediate, it marks the inception of our esteemed project,” expressed an excited Cockrill during the event held at Imperial School.

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The comprehensive facility is slated to rise from the grounds of the current Imperial Community School, rendering it as a replacement for St. Peter and St. Michael, Imperial and McDermid Elementary Schools.

Moe expressed his satisfaction during the event, sharing, “It’s a moment of joy to witness the beginning of a project so central to our students. This momentous decision revolves around them.”

Planned to accommodate approximately 800 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to Grade 8, the facility is designed to expand and house up to 1,000 pupils. Key features include a community space and childcare centre.

Emphasizing on the integral role of a community centre in conjunction with the new facility, Mayor Sandra Masters shared, “The vision is not limited to creating academic spaces but also to foster community engagement for the city. Such infrastructural investments are vital to establish a buoyant community and an environment that its residents take pride in.”

The facility holds the promise of opening its doors to the public in the fall of 2025. Upon completion, it would occupy an area amounting to approximately a quarter of Mosaic Stadium, as delineated in an update from the province.

Shauna Weninger, the board chair for Regina Catholic Schools, spoke highly of the facility. “With this venture, we are bringing four individual entities under one roof and boosting the collective culture of the communities. The formula of joint-use facilities has proven successful in the past,” she explained.

Sarah Cummings Truszkowski, chairperson for the Regina Public Schools, reflected on the journey so far. “Our priorities were to rebuild the McDermid and Imperial community schools. Over the past decade, our methods and collaborations have transformed, paving the way for a thriving educational environment,” she said.

Regina Public Schools will soon make a call to their communities, asking for suggestions to name the new school.

The province has committed about $65 million to this project. Additionally, the City of Regina backed its community space with funding support.