Referendum in Pointe Claire gives green light to extension next to Coptic church


In a referendum held on Sunday, the majority of residents affected by the revitalization project for the Coptic church located at the northwest corner of Des Sources Boulevard and Du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road approved the zoning change allowing the owners to build an extension.

“Over 75% of residents qualified to vote and living in a zone adjacent to the sector in question participated in this democratic process,” stated Mayor John Belvedere.

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The votes were counted and showed that the proposed amendment received the support of 53% of the people, with 66 votes in favour and 58 against.

This referendum took place following opposition to a request to amend the Zoning By-Law, which was filed by the owners of the church, located at 1 De l’Église Avenue. Their vision is to develop the adjacent lot, currently occupied by a former elementary school, and build an extension to the church in order to offer activities that will complement religious celebrations.

For the next step of the process, the owners will have to file a permit request with the Planning Department.

The zoning change will come into force on April 17.

“Referendums are important democratic tools that respect the reality of our residents. They allow the community to express itself freely concerning the developments in their neighbourhood for the benefit of all,” said Mayor Belvedere in conclusion.