Reducing your carbon footprint is a way of life at Terra Sainte Anne De Bellevue


By Rhonda Massad

Nestled on more than 649,000 sq.ft. in Sainte Anne De Bellvue north amongst the trees and bike paths, sits a new eco-community that is turning heads. Broccolini Construction has spared nothing in the 130 doors sustainable residential development, Terra, that includes 2 to 4 bedroom townhouses that are forward-thinking in both design and construction.

Simply put the designs are stunning. If you are looking to downsize from a single dwelling home this is the place for you, but don’t expect to feel congested in your new space. Windows are prominent along with high cathedral ceilings that look to impress. The largest model boasts 2,500 sq.ft. of luxurious living space not including the basement which can easily handle a games room with plenty of room for storage.

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My biggest worry when I decided to downsize was giving up my treasures. I have two sets of Christmas ornaments and a ton of shoes that I was not ready to give up even though I wanted a different lifestyle. My children are almost all grown, leaving me one teenager who loves to have his friends over. Terra can easily give my husband and I the new life we want to live while giving our son enough space to have the “boys” over to watch the game.Terra, Sainte Anne De Bellvue, Broccolini, Rhonda Massad

I fell head over heels in love with the plans and have been watching the progress of the model units being constructed. My husband, Daniel, has been checking the insulation and electrical system as it is going up while I watch the kitchen with an adjacent laundry room in anticipation. Every unit has a loft with a balcony. Every single unit.

A bittersweet moment when you decide to downsize from a single dwelling home is realizing you will not have a backyard. I mean living la Vida Loca means less responsibility which means less yard work. Not really an issue at Terra. The patios in addition to the loft balcony, no matter the size of the unit, are 20 x 20. I have measured and placed outdoor furniture about a hundred times. You can have a large dining table as well as the new sofa style seating arrangments all conveniently located off the kitchen with two patio doors.

The bedrooms are a perfect size. Much like Goldilocks said, not too big, not too small. The larger units have three bedrooms, again perfect for all three of us. You can easily add a full bathroom in the loft or leave your unit with at least two and a half bathrooms.

Living sustainably at Terra means you are buying something that is lending a hand towards a greener future for everyone. One important factor in changing our way of life was we wanted to actually DO something concrete to change our carbon footprint. Terra walks the walk.

Broccolini Construction does not expect you to simply take their word for it when they say that Terra is truly eco-friendly. Terra is a certified LEED® development. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) confirms that the building has been rated by a widely recognized green building rating system that is used in 150 countries. It provides independent, third-party verification that a building was designed and built with sustainability in mind. It provides the stamp of approval we should be seeking to protect our planet for future generations.

According to the Canada Green Building Council, since 2002 LEED® Canada has contributed to:

Energy savings of 6,503,647 eMWh, enough to power 220,702 Canadian homes for an entire year.

Recycling over 1.6 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste, the equivalent of 491,174 garbage trucks.

A 1,261,016 C02e tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking 238,377 cars off the road for a year.

Water savings totaling over 12.8 billion litres, the equivalent of 5,131 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Model homes will be ready fro viewing late August 2018.

For more information:

21050 Ch. Ste-Marie,
Québec, H9X 3Y8


Terra, Sainte Anne De Bellvue, Broccolini, Rhonda Massad