Red Rock Ordered to Start Talks with two Casino Workers Unions in Vegas


A federal judge has ordered Red Rock Casino & Resort to begin negotiating labor talks with a leading Las Vegas casino union.

Judge Gloria Navarro, US District Court of Nevada, restated her earlier ruling requiring the casino entity to recognize and bargain with the two unions. Navarro’s latest ruling requires Red Rock to engage leaders of Bartenders Union Local 165 and Culinary Workers Union Local 226.

However, Red Rock argues that the court should not issue such an order, given a similar appeal in the matter is ongoing. The casino company believes that is required to bargain with unions will harm the company.

Red Rocks saga started in 2019 when it rolled out generous benefits for its 1, 350 workers. Red Rock added contributions to free health care to workers earning less than $20 per hour and eliminated company-based deductibles.

“Red Rock’s grant of benefits likely thwarted the union’s majority status. Red Rock’s offer of benefits was a hallmark violation that justifies the issuance of an interim bargaining order.”

The benefit resulted in Red Rock failing to unionize. According to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Red Rock workers reported 60 unfair labor practices grievances in 2020. Apart from Judge Gloria Navarro, NLRB has also ordered Red Rock to begin negotiation with the unions.


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