Red Rock Facing Regulatory Action for Accepting Improper Bets


Red Rock Resorts sports betting platform risks license revocation over what Nevada regulators refer to as improper acceptance of sports bet even when the event has ended.

According to Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Stadium Live mobile betting platform accepted 348 improper bets. The regulators claim that Red Rock failed to update its monitoring process.

The board noted that the transgression was caused by insufficient server memory on the Stadium Live platform. The improper bet has occurred on several occasions since June 2018.

In March this year, 167 bets were improperly placed after the platform malfunction. Red Rock responded by returning the stake to customers. However, its reputation is poor to the standards of Nevada gaming.

Regulators have urged the sports betting operator to comply with the Gaming Control Act or risk facing disciplinary action for failures.

In the past, Nevada regulators have collided with errant sportsbook operators like CG Technology, Cantor Gaming. This was a visible betting brand at several Las Vegas casinos.

However, in 2018, it was issued several fines and threatened with license termination over a transgression. Regulators urged CG Technology to scrap its component and partner with a third-party provider.

CG was also accused of other violations that include; facilitating illegal gambling, money laundering, and accepting bets outside Nevada on its mobile betting app. The company was issued all top fines ever issued by Nevada regulators. William Hill acquired the company in 2020.


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