Red Deer Meat Processing Resume Operation Despite being linked to 500 COVID-19 Infections


Red Deer meat processing plant is scheduled to resume operation on Thursday despite being linked to three workers’ death due to COVID-19. According to the management, the facility has been satisfied by Alberta Health Service (AHS0 and OHS.

The union representing workers in the facility says that the third employee died to COVID-19, which he probably got while in the plant. That brings the total number of employee deaths to four since the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, the death of the fourth employee has not yet been confirmed by Alberta Health. Only two of the deaths have been linked to the outbreak in the plant. The outbreak in the Red Deer meat factory was first announced on November 17th, 2020. At least 500 cases have been linked to the plant.

Those who died include a 35-year-old Darwin Doloque, who migrated from the Philippines to Canada who died on January 28th. The other one is Henry De Leon, who immigrated from the Dominican Republic aged 50.

The third death has yet to be publicly identified, although it was a woman in her 60s. The Olymel plant outbreak has been fatal than the Cargill meat plant near High River, the second-largest hotbed of the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, AHS, OHS, and Environmental Public Health have visited the plant and made several recommendations for the facility to be vigilant in following protocols and measures. The company is also employing officials to monitor health and safety measures.


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