Record-Breaking Heat in Montreal Gives Way to Cold Thanksgiving Downpour


As the first week of October bathed southwestern Quebec in an unseasonably warm embrace, Montrealers reveled in consecutive days of record-breaking heat. Yet, these baking temperatures, which had soared above a remarkable 28 degrees Celsius, dancing along the precipice of summer and autumn, were to be short-lived. Indeed, the weather pendulum is swinging dramatically in the opposite direction as we approach the Thanksgiving weekend.

Ironically, a significantly cooler and wetter climate is predicted to descend upon the region as Montreal bids farewell to the delightful warmth. The culprits orchestrating this abrupt shift in the weather are two cold fronts journeying from Ontario. Their icy embrace will merge with tropical storm Philippe’s lingering moisture, laying the groundwork for a significant deluge. Environment and Climate Change Canada has informed residents of the likelihood for heavy rainfall, with estimates ranging from 50 to 80 millimeters from Friday through to Saturday.

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In the days leading up to this stark weather change, Montreal experienced extraordinary temperatures, with Wednesday and Thursday shattering previous records. Temperatures peaked at 29.3 degrees Celsius on the fourth of October and a sultry 28 degrees on the fifth. The city’s previous records for these dates, recorded back in 2005, were 26.7 degrees and 26 degrees respectively.

With the cold front steadily advancing from Ontario, the forecast predicts a steady increase in cloud coverage and rainfall from Friday afternoon onwards. Despite this, Montrealers can expect to bask in the warm temperatures for a little while longer. However, as the weekend progresses, the remnants of tropical storm Philippe will heighten the rainfall’s intensity.

The impending storm will punctuate Sunday and Monday with intermittent showers but will provide opportunities for residents to revel in dry spells. Alas, as the rain subsides, the front’s arctic underbelly will truly reveal itself, ushering below-average temperatures that will stay through the middle of the next week, reminding residents that autumn is indeed upon them.

The heat may have set records, but Montreal’s weather narrative continues to reveal its plot twists, keeping everyone on their toes. This weekend may be a far cry from the recent sweltering days, but Montrealers can take solace in the warmth and cheer of the Thanksgiving celebrations, whatever the weather may bring.