Record-Breaking Habitat for Humanity Lottery Jackpot Surges to $50,000


You may recall the familiar face of Linda Farr, the radiant winner of last year’s Habitat for Humanity lottery, grinning from ear to ear as a whopping $33,000 prize landed in her lap. That watershed moment, occurring last December, broke the record for the largest winnings ever dispensed in the history of the Habitat for Humanity 50/50 lottery.

Now, imagine this: a year later, that monumental record is on the cusp of being shattered. The jackpot is surging towards a staggering $50,000, setting a new, unprecedented benchmark. And with the draw date of July 2 looming on the horizon, the anticipation can be practically tasted in the air.

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This isn’t your garden-variety lottery; this is coined as the “feel-good lottery” for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, your ticket purchase goes beyond self-interest; you’ll be actively aiding local families grappling for a fair shot at affordable housing. Furthermore, your chances of nabbing a few thousands of dollars, even potentially reaching astronomical sums in the hundred-thousands if the lottery tickets sell out, are generously heightened.

This enhanced hybrid of philanthropy and potential personal gain gives new meaning to the ‘You Win, We Build 50/50 lottery,’ as aptly described by Danielle Smith, the director of Habitat for Humanity Okanagan.

Now, the question of how to lay your hands on those coveted tickets: You can spy opportunities during Okanagan’s lively summer events such as the Peach City Beach Cruise in Penticton and the cheerful Vernon Sunshine Festival. For those more comfortable in the digital realm, tickets can also be procured online.

Habitat for Humanity had only recently delved into the online lottery world in 2020, with initial modest jackpots of around $3,000 per draw. However, the tides have turned rather dramatically – as awareness of the local lottery heightened among Okanagan communities, the last two cash prizes fortuitously exceeded $30,000, reports Smith.

For those eager to participate, three enticing ticket packages lay in wait:

i) 5 tickets can be acquired for a mere $25
ii) 20 tickets are available for $50
iii) A bountiful 100 tickets can be purchased for $100

Following the draw and breathless anticipation, the lucky winner will receive an exciting notification via email and/or phone, accompanied by instructions regarding the claiming of their potentially life-changing prize. This is about more than just a lottery; this is an opportunity to contribute, to gain, and most importantly, to change countless lives.