Record-breaking Crowd Marks Alberta’s 118th Anniversary at Heritage Park Celebration


Alberta marked its 118th year as a province on September 1st, 1905, with grand celebrations unfolding at Heritage Park, capturing the region’s unique narrative over the past century and more. Graced with the biggest attendance in the history of Heritage Park, thousands gathered to pay tribute to their shared heritage.

“Today is about bringing people into contact with our shared history,” stated Lindsey Galloway, President and CEO of Heritage Park. She emphasized that the backdrop of the past remains significant in the modern era, shaping the narratives of today. The tales from history we opt to bring forth are a testament to our conscious choices.

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The Alberta Day celebrations saw approximately 20,000 visitors, attaining a historic record for Heritage Park. The event offered free admission to all who came to honor Alberta’s rich past, guaranteeing an inclusive atmosphere for the community. “We are fully equipped to host this crowd with comfort within the park,” Galloway assured.

The festivities took place against a picturesque backdrop of Heritage Park, spread over 65 acres featuring an enchanting reservoir and breathtaking views. Aligned for the event were an array of 73 vendors, antique shopfronts, the nostalgia of train rides, and the remembrances of the antique midway, all culminating in a live musical performance by the headline act, Nice Horse.

Adding to the visual treat were 183 artifact-studded buildings, over 55,000 historical relics, and around 17,000 vintage costumes, creating a vivid tableau of western heritage and culture.

One of the many families that flocked to celebrate was that of Kirill Korepanov. For Korepanov, Alberta Day symbolized a joyful family outing. “Heritage Park provides the perfect ambiance for us to unwind and get lost in, oblivious to the passing time,” he shared. The diversity the park attracts, he continued, gave them a sense of community and the opportunity to meet old friends.

The revelries concluded under the night sky with a glittering drone show at 9 p.m, encapsulating a memorable Alberta Day honouring both the province’s past and its future.