Record-Breaking Attendance Anticipated in Jill Biden’s “EGG-ucation” Themed Easter Roll


With an estimated crowd of 40,000 attendees, this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll is bound to be a rousing spectacle, breaking last year’s record by a solid 10,000 participants. Accompanied by the joyous tumble of Easter decorations perfectly gracing the East Colonnade, the event scheduled for Monday, March 28, 2024, is already creating a buzz in the Washington air.

The brains behind this year’s theme, “EGG-ucation”, comes from none other than Jill Biden, esteemed educator, First Lady, and a lifelong champion of learning. She’s creatively crafting this cornerstone event, which first began in 1878, into an enlightening journey interspersed with doses of fun and tradition.

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Children visiting the South Lawn and the Ellipse will be engrossed in interactive stations designed to pique their curiosity about agriculture, healthier lifestyles, as well as exercise. However, fear not, tradition lovers, the good old temper test for the hard-boiled eggs, racing across the lawn to a waiting finish line, is still on the agenda.

A particularly eye-catching feature of this year’s event will be a makeshift schoolhouse stationed right on the South Lawn. This will be the hub for engaging children in stimulating activities related to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The budding geniuses can expect to immerse themselves in activities as exciting as making circuit-breakers to simulating a fossil dig. Beyond stirring up their scientific spirit, children will also have the opportunity to pen notes brimming with gratitude to our brave U.S. troops and first responders, under the guidance of the commendable non-profit organization, Operation Gratitude.

A multitude of guests including thousands of military and veteran families, their caregivers, and survivors are expected to grace the event. Tickets to this iconic occasion were claimed by members of the general public via an online lottery. From the wee hours of 7 a.m. till the veil of dusk at 7 p.m., pulses of guests will flood the White House grounds in nine successive waves.

The East Colonnade of the White House will be adorned by Easter eggs, each a unique masterpiece meticulously crafted by the children of military members, adding a charming touch to the festive spirit.

This Easter egg roll will be the third presided over by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The event had been put on hold in 2021, marking their first year in office, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By bringing it back, they not only continue the tradition dating back to 1878 under President Rutherford B. Hayes but also breathe new vitality into it.

More than just a festive celebration, the White House Easter Egg Roll brings history full circle, celebrating the very heart, spirit, and resilience of the nation it has stood as a symbol of since its inception.