RCMP Officers Arrest Protesters At The Main Border Crossing Between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick


RMCP arrested at least two people on Wednesday as they were trying to create a barrier between citizens and the highway. The police tried to disperse a large group of protesters at the main border crossing between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The protesters arrive there to state their anger with border restrictions.

Cpl. Chris Marshall, a spokesperson for the Nova Scotia RCMP, stated:

“Our officers are … currently working on either clearing protestors out that are willing to leave at this point, and if not, they’re being arrested.”

He couldn’t say how many people were arrested, but he is sure that the number will increase in the next few hours.

On Tuesday, the protesters descended on the Trans-Canada Highway, angered by new isolation and testing rules for people traveling to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick. The mounties have been at the border protest since it began, trying to discourage protesters from making trouble.

By the time the police arrived, there were 150 protesters on site. The blockade has created problems for drivers, especially for trucks that were left stranded with loads of goods at the border.

For now, the police have been still securing the area. It is expected that things will come back to normal soon.


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