RCMP Hunts for Stalker in Comox Parks, Urges Witnesses to Speak Up


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police remains steadfast in their investigation of two reports of alarming incidents occured in Comox parks. They are currently appealing to the public, urging any potential witnesses to come forward.

On October 11th, an emergency call rang through the Comox Valley RCMP, sending officers scurrying to Goose Spit. The call was triggered by a concerned citizen, reporting a woman allegedly being shadowed by a man. The lingering suspect, a man of about 25 years old and standing at approximately six feet tall, was spotted wearing a beige/grey hoodie with black track pants. He is also remembered to have light brown hair.

Merely nine days later, a similar report emerged from MacDonald Wood Park. Another woman described a man around the same age relentlessly trailing her aroung 4 p.m. The unidentified stalker was adorned in a baseball cap and a conspicuous yellow reflective jacket, accompanied by black pants. He was also distinguished through sparse facial hair and similarly lightly hued hair as the first suspect.

Comox Valley RCMP Const. Monika Terragni calmed the rising tensions by assuring the public that their elite unit, dedicated to special victims, is actively pursuing effective leads on these incidents. “This serves as a potent reminder for all to prioritize safety when out and about in the community. Alert a trustworthy individual about your location, alter your route from time-to-time, always keep a phone handy, and perhaps, a friend for company. And remember, pay attention to your surroundings instead of losing yourself in loud music” she previously advised.

The RCMP urges anyone in the vicinity who may have observed suspicious activity or has information related to the incidents to reach out. Please call the Comox Valley RCMP at 250-338-1321 and quote the reference file number 2023-16776 when sharing information.


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