Rare White Buffalo Born in Yellowstone Echoes Ancient Prophecy


In the scenic embrace of a lake just outside Yellowstone National Park, an assembly of hundreds watched in anticipation as an Indigenous leader proclaimed the unique name painted on a hide for a scarce white buffalo calf. Born just weeks earlier in the park, the calf was christened Wakan Gli, translating to “Return Sacred” in the Lakota language.

This pivotal moment shone as the focal point of an Indigenous religious ceremony, commemorating the calf’s birth through a vibrant tapestry of dancing, singing, and drumming. The narration of a legend – one that speaks of a mysterious woman offering messages of hope in the face of adversity – added to the ceremony’s poignant ambiance.

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During the early bloom of June, the white buffalo calf came into existence within the lush Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, an idyllic backdrop of bison feeding in landscapes echoing a time-worn American West.

The birth held profound significance for the tribes who hold the American bison — or “buffalo”— in high regard. Its very existence captured the essence of ancient prophecy, while reflecting a poignant reminder of the need for better Earth stewardship.

Presiding over the ceremonies, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Oyate tribes in South Dakota, underscored the importance of unity and positivity towards the shared goal of preservation. His status as the 19th keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe and Bundle gave profound weight to his words as he described the white buffalo calf’s birth as bittersweet – a blessing and a cautionary tale about the environment simultaneously.

The ceremonies attracted a diverse crowd of 500, encompassing representatives from tribes spanning the breadth of the country, from Washington, Dakotas, Wyoming to Idaho. Hosted by Buffalo Field Campaign, a conservationist organization partnering with tribes to protect and honor wild buffalo, the event radiated a profound sense of connection to the natural world.

However, following initial sightings and photographs capturing its birth on June 4, the calf has mysteriously disappeared. With each passing week, the fear is that it might have succumbed to environmental hazards or illness, a grim fate for its young life. However, its existence continues to remain a potent symbol rooted in the Lakota legend and spiritual belief.

According to a revered legend dating back 2,000 years, when times were bleak, food stocks dwindling and bison nearing extinction, the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared. She presented a bowl pipe and a bundle to a tribal member, suggesting the pipe could usher in buffalo to nourish the community. Upon leaving, she transformed into a white buffalo calf, promising to return during a hard period, mirroring her current form – a white buffalo calf with a black nose, eyes and hooves.

The birth of the white buffalo calf marks an eminent point in history, with Chief Looking Horse affirming its significance. Although not a completely foreign occurrence on buffalo ranches due to crossbreeding with cattle, the birth of a white buffalo in the wild crystallizes a level of rarity previously unseen in Yellowstone – the continent’s largest reserve for the animals.

Born in a particularly harsh winter in 2023 that forced countless Yellowstone buffalo to seek refuge at lower elevations, the calf came amidst a backdrop of mass slaughter, with more than 1,500 buffalo killed or relocated, which had a profound impact on tribes connected deeply with these wild creatures.

Jordan Creech, an experienced guide in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and one of the handful of people who managed to photograph the white buffalo calf, recalled the breathtaking moment when he spotted a cow buffalo about to give birth near Lamar River. After the buffalo disappeared over a hillock, the group moved on, only to return later and witness the pristine calf with its mother. Despite noting the calf’s unusual pallor, the monumental significance of the moment failed to dawn on him then.

Yellowstone park officials reported no previous records of a white buffalo birth within the park boundaries, adding to the rarity of the recent birth. Since no confirmed sighting has been made since the initial birth, its existence remains largely shrouded in uncertainty. However, its alleged existence remains a source of profound wonderment and miraculous joy, according to Chief Looking Horse.