Rare Superman Comic Fetches Record-Breaking $6 Million at Auction


In a world where superheroes have captured the imaginations of millions, the gratifying saga of the Man of Steel, Superman, continues to reign supreme. Last week, a rare 1938 copy of Action Comics No. 1, distinguished as the comic that first presented Superman to the eager audience, sold for a breathtaking figure of $6 million. Declared the most expensive comic ever sold at an auction by the directors of the transaction, Heritage Auctions, the historical comic book has yet added another feather in its prestigious cap.

The elusive buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, on Thursday, successfully acquired the prestigious comic after undoubtedly stiff competition. This triumph at the auction house corroborates the enduring love and fascination for the Man of Steel, even decades after his first appearance.

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Action Comics No. 1, as put forth by Heritage Auctions, has been labeled the most significant comic ever published. Its majesty is enshrined in the fact that the inaugural 1938 Superman closely mirrors the contemporary representation we see today in comic strips and films. The impression of the beloved Lois Lane was also first handcrafted into the hearts of readers within the confines of this famed comic book.

To add to the allure, the surviving number of the original book seems scarce. A verified report from the Certified Guaranty Company, a comic book grading service, puts the number of surviving copies at approximately 100. This figure comes from the staggering original print run of 200,000 by the National Allied Publications, the forerunner to the giants of the industry, DC Comics.

The superlative copy, that fetched the whopping figure, hails from Kansas City Pedigree, carrying a ‘Very Fine+’ CGC rating of 8.5. As it stands, only two unrestored issues bear a higher grading, as noted by Heritage Auctions.

While the staggering figure of $6 million may seem astonishing, various other copies of Action Comics No. 1, although not as rare, have sold for millions in recent years. In particular, a 6.0-rated issue was sold for $3.56 million last year through ComicConnect, the Moore Comics Express.

The Thursday sale, by virtue of its record-breaking figure, dethroned the previous highest selling comic book, another Superman featured comic, Superman No. 1. The title was privately sold for $5.3 million in 2022, as reported by CGC.

This show-stopping sale of Action Comics No. 1 was part of a four-day comic auction event. The event was lined with some of the biggest humongous superhero names and rare comic books featuring them. By the end of this grand soiree, Heritage Auctions reported a total exceeding $28 million on Sunday. As superheroes continue their conquest of hearts and records, these sales validate the profound love and fascination they continue to command worldwide.