Rapid Tests Are Now Being Used In Quebec Schools To Fight Delta Strain


Schools in Quebec are employing new methods to curb spread of the delta strain after about 600 school reported a case of COVID-19 among staff and student after return to school.

A method they are relying on currently is the rapid test to check for COVID-19 among students.

A number of concerned parties, including Oliver Drouin of COVID Ecoles initiative, have sounded the alarm on the rising infections barely a few weeks into the start of the new school calendar.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, the province said it will start using rapid tests in certain schools to catch cases before an outbreak happens. The goal, the province said, is to have this program running before flu season starts.

School administrators are still working on the details with provincial authorities, but unions are concerned about the increased workload on educators, who already have a tough job.


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